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Welcome to Shikat Bay Oysters

We are a family owned and operated premium oyster farm located near Naukati Bay Alaska. We have been providing fresh Alaskan oysters to Southeast Alaska since 2008. We make it simple to buy oysters online and have them shipped nationwide.
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We offer three different sizes to choose from.

Every oyster connoisseur has their favorite way of preparing fresh oysters and we have each of you covered. Whether you prefer shooting oysters, BBQ'ing, or frying in a nice batter we think you will love our oysters as much we do nursing them to greatness.  

Oyster Shooters

Perfect size for any oyster connoisseur. Alaska never tasted so good!


25 oyster shooter box
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Medium Oysters

Shikat Bay Medium Oysters icon

Perfect for BBQ or shooting if your into shooting larger oysters.


25 medium oyster box
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Large Oysters

Shikat Bay Large Oyster Icon

Perfect for frying and canning, or even a fresh oyster stew.


25 large oyster box
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What makes Shikat Bay Oysters yummy oysters?

We take pride in hand selecting, cleaning, and packing all of our oysters to ensure it.
Shikat Bay Oysters are raised in trays suspended from grow-out rafts their entire growth cycle from spat to maturity. Our oysters never see a muddy beach which is typical in most other oyster growing operations in the US. As a result of this coddled life, Alaska oysters are uniformly shaped with deep cups and plump meats. Our oysters have a pretty amazing liquor that is sure to wow your taste buds.

Substantial quality

We take great pride in producing some of the cleanest, tastiest oysters Alaska is proud to offer. Give us a try!
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Packaged for freshness

Our packaging process allows for our oysters to arrive at your location in the optimal conditions for freshness.
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Dedicated Support

Besides having some amazing oysters for you to enjoy. We focus our attention on excellent customer communication.
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Perfect for your wedding

Your wedding reception won’t be complete without a raw oyster bar.

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Easy shipping from farm to table.

We spend a lot of time with our oysters. So getting them to you in the best tasty condition is important to us.
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Shikat Bay Oysters make perfect gifts.

Our gift cards are on their way so you oyster fans can share the oyster love with your friends and family this holiday season. 
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Own a catering company?

Offering to fly in our oysters for their events will wow your clients.

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Have a lodge or a hotel?

Feature our oysters on your menu and you’ll be the talk of the town.

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Buy Fresh Alaskan oysters

Our farm in beautiful Shikat Bay

Our serene environment allow us to provide you the best tasting oysters on the planet.

Tray of 10 Dozen Medium Oysters

Our oysters are grown in suspended trays which hang in the first 10 feet of the water column and grub on all the plankton which helps them grow deep cups and plump bellies.
The Oyster Guy

The Oyster Guy Hard at Work

Co-founder Gregg Parsley (“The Oyster Guy”) is the mastermind behind our operation. When he’s not at the farm he can be found in the shop working on his numerous projects.

Custom Trommel to Enhance Growth

We tumble our oysters regularly to keep them clean and to ensure they grow deeply cupped shells in which the oysters can grow to their fullest potential.

Harvesting Fresh Alaskan Oysters

Keeping oysters is stacks of trays makes harvesting every week of the year a breeze. We hand-pack them with the cup down, and ship them to you within 24-hours of harvest.

Getting Oysters Rinsed and Sorted

Managing our inventory is an ongoing process. They are always growing, so it’s essential to wash and re-sort them every few months so we keep the farm clean and organized.
Shikat Bay Oysters Farm

Shikat Bay Oysters Floating Operation

The farm is in the middle of a deep bay which gets constant tidal flow. This helps keep the oysters well fed because they get a new influx of plankton every 12 hours.

We want to hear what you have to say.

We value each of our customers and work hard to provide an exceptional product backed by a friendly customer oriented experience. If you would like to share your experience we would love to hear from you. 

Tell us your story.

Ethel Fitzpatrick

Chief Executive Officer

We enjoyed your amazing oysters. Best I have ever eaten. I can see why after viewing your photos. Your location is fabulous. The pristine waters, so beautiful. Looking forward to my next order already. Thank you!

Todd Greimann

Valued Customer

These oysters could be the best tasting in the world.!! Its all because of the pristine environment in which they are raised. Thanks Gregg and Bev for the highest quality oysters around!

Jennifer Elske

Valued Customer / Facebook Review

Best Oysters I've ever had!! Amazing price! So fresh! Thank you. We will order again soon!

Check out some of these 5 star ratings

When you buy oysters online from Shikat Bay Oysters there are a two things you can feel confident in. Our true passion for producing some of the most amazing oysters, and our dedication to providing our customers with the service they deserve. Only the best!
Excellent oysters, absolutely delicious flavor, and excellent service.

Tod Chambers

Excellent oysters! Status was updated throughout the process and the oysters showed up as promised. Terrific experience and a great product! We will definitely order again soon! Thank you!

Lisa Dallas

Wonderful. Very clean and the flavor, the best I’ve tasted.

Tom Gagnon

Absolutely superb oysters and when they say large – it’s the biggest oysters I have ever bought…. made a meal out of it… second order is already in!!! Sitka Alaska

Tamara Nedens

The BEST oysters we have had. Fresh & delicious! Fast & friendly to deal with.

Tammy Wheeler

These are the greatest! We love them lightly grilled w a little butter and lemon, and a glass of Chablis (French!)

Katie Wendel

Shikat Bay Oysters partners & associations

No business can succeed alone, and we greatly value the relationships we have developed over the years which make our mission of delivering the freshest oysters directly to our customers possible.
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Shikat Bay Oysters, Inc.

Alaska DEC processor/shipper permit #AK 6827 SS.

P.O. Box 129 , Craig, Alaska 99921
Place an order: 206-218-6889


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